April 19, 2013

Boston...An Old Soul

                    We are Praying for you and your People

Boston has an old soul...amidst the Big Dig with new highways, tunnels and bridges..one still senses it. 

We are one hour south of Boston and were in the city on a Saturday afternoon recently.  A small Italian restaurant with rave reviews coaxed us in to town.  As we waited in line outside in the cold surrounded by tenements, people were ambling about carrying laundry on their heads while some with it in carriages.  Clearly it was wash day for many of these working people who did not have washers or dryers in this old part of town.

After dinner we made way to my favorite and very charming and cultural 'North End' where lines of people waited to get in to one of many Italian pastry shops!  As much as we would have loved a cappuccino and cannoli, we passed it up for lack of parking anywhere.  
Now, we are praying for this lively town so trodden down by sadness and fear.

 Boston...Love will prevail! 


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of all the souls in Boston, too. The aggressors and their families, the victims and their families, and everyone in the surrounding communities who are affected by this tragedy.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a tragedy. Someone said The Boston Marathon will never be the same and it's true. Boston has always been a favorite city of mine. I dated a guy from Boston in my early twenties and we flew back and forth from Chicago to Boston twice a month and he always showed me different parts of the city each time. Great memories.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Can you believe this happened in our own backyard? My brothers live in Watertown and Waltham...it truly was a scary day.
Boston Strong!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Endearing post, Roberta. Love the old dress form and rosary. Haven't been blogging lately, but now I'm posting our new project. Glad to see you stopped by! Cindy

Elaine said...

Such a senseless act with so many lives ruined. Good stories came out of this tragedy. Trying to focus on that. I am 11 miles north of Boston. 6 people from my hometown were severely injured. The town has rallied around them.
As I said, some positive stories came from that day.