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November 15, 2012

Christmas Jeanne d'Arc Magazine & 2013 Subscription

The Jeanne d'Arc Christmas issue is enroute to the USA and will be here any day now...I have a few remaining here.
There are also a few subscriptions available for 2013. 
Order once and I will send the latest issue to you first thing every month!  No fuss...:)

October 5, 2012

November Pre Christmas Jeanne d'Arc Living 2012

While We Wait...gotta love it!  They say this is their most popular issue of the year.  I say...
                                        I love them all!

I've noticed lately that pricing for this publication is all over the map so I thought I'd lower my price to $18.00.   Fair enough?  That includes shipping and it's wrapped with love in a pretty rayon ribbon! 

And...while I have your undivided attention...I'd like to boast about my little Petunia's 1st Birthday coming up.
Look at that little smirk.
I had all my girls visiting from the west coast last week.
And my beautiful Russian Dolls from sunny LA!
                   Posing in their room with the dresses my daughter bought while in Russ*a.
Here's a link to Bethany's blog Positively Orphaned.

May 21, 2012

A Touch of FRANCE

Hello!   It's a brand new day with thoughts jetting ahead to Christmas 2012.   But just for a moment.....

A Touch of FRANCE is the latest book by the girls at Jeanne d'Arc Living.

They've done it this time with a Christmas book that has 160 pages with a soft silk hard cover and a dust jacket.  It is the same size as the Amazing Retreats book which is my personal favorite thus far.  (this is a book, not a magazine)

In it we will visit eight Christmas homes in Denmark with a touch of the French Country style! I cannot wait to absorb the inspiration in this Christmas book for 2012!

 It is available for pre-order now and shipping is included in the price of $55.00.   The ship date is September 1st.