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August 26, 2009

Waterside Wednesday and a Conch Fence

This makes me smile...
You've gotta love this conch fence! It's delightful! I've been meaning to take pics of this place for a while now so I'm glad that it's Wednesday! I drove down to the very end of the island early this morning and out at the tip of Wilbur's Point sits this charming cottage with a pretty seaside garden, a 'conch fence' and a stunning view! What's not to love?

This appears to be a studio....I would love a peek in here. It's so peaceful and beautiful here with warm sunshiney breezes, old sea dogs roaming and an occasional seagull calling.

At one time conch shells were plentiful...not so much anymore even though there's a tiny island called 'Conch Island' just off of 'my' beach. They are just fragments now, just as beautiful though.

I can't think of a better way to use sun bleached seashells such as these. I must add a picket fence to my wish list...

Can you see the beautifully adorned statue among the flowers? She appears to have a necklace on! Another tresor found... I would love to meet the creative caretaker of this property and snoop around...

Thank you Barbara for hosting Waterside Wednesday. If you are not yet participating, jump on board where it's fun in the sun, surf and sand!