January 21, 2012

International Family and a '73' Bernina

Hello ~

It's a beautiful gray and white snowy day at the cottage.  The sea is out there...somewhere beyond the many layers of the marsh...in the mist and fog.

Today I'd like to introduce you to an old and faithful friend.
My vintage Bernina.  We go way back.  She's not pretty or fancy anymore but she has good bones and comes from a good family in Switzerland. Bernina.

She was a big purchase when first married and has sewn many curtains, pillows, little girl dresses and now quilts for those little girl's (and boy's) babies! 

Still in her original red case with a Bekins sticker.  She's well traveled too.  From coast to coast ~ California to Massachusetts.

and original red sewing box.

I'll think she'll be around for a long, long time!

Happy Weekend ~
Thanks for stopping by!


Blondie's Journal said...

Your pictures could have been taken here! It's beautiful!

I'm glad Bernina is still around! Do you have a problem getting parts for her?

Hope you are having a lovely, snowy weekend!


Lana said...

I love Bernina. I purchased my 1090 many years ago while they were still all metal. It is very heavy but a wonderful machine. I will never part with it. They are made to last

Jojo said...

I still have (and love) my '74 Kenmore but sadly mine did not come with a red case!!! I love it. We moved a few years and I lost the box that had my zipper foot and a few other attachments so I'm a handicapped seamstress but that Kenmore has been a good friend through the years.

Lelén ♥ said...

Roberta, I'm so glad I found you blog! Is such an inspiration for my house and my little work. Of course, you got me in follower right now!

Life On Planet Earth said...

I remember the old dear dearly :) I think I learned to sew on that machine! Sturdy and reliable as can be. Is that a new girly quilt in the making? ;)

Maria Killam said...

My mom is the sewer in our family and all of us have a sewing machine because of it. . . yours is a good one and love the wispy curtains you made with it!

Windlost said...

beautiful! i am so impressed you can sew. it is on my life list, to at least learn how to do a straight line to hem a curtain or make a table runner!!

thanks for the sweet note on my blog post. it is a sad week here. we are flying out tomorrow for 2 weeks with the family - my husband had business travel today, so we are getting there asap.

terri xo

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Roberta!