January 22, 2014

Ironstone and a Snowy Day

        Another beautiful snow and no work today so I took advantage...made a pot of soup, gathered my ironstone and rearranged the heirloom cabinet.  (Quite ironic since we stored our galoshes in it as kids...a miracle that the glass doors were never broken!)

Pinning ironstone lately has inspired me to group all my pieces together.  See my lovely sanddollar print from Kerrie at SeaWashed.

        It's time to replace the wallpaper background...perhaps the pale beach glass color on the wall above the shelf that surrounds the dining room.....the shelf is original, quaint and cottagy and I'm so happy it's there!

With all the obsessive pinning, I wanted a vintage French (of course) round soup tureen but since they are scarce and so highly priced....I got this one at BBB for $25 with a coupon!  It has the look I was going for, came with a ladle and I liked it better than some of the new pricier ones out there.  Meanwhile, the search is on for an older one and patience usually pays off in a great find at a fair price....patience..patience..patience...

     Love the color and design in the pretty pitcher that holds some favorite (polished) monogrammed silver.  I like them either way but the monogram does show up better when polished up a bit.

 The unique shape of the French Memorial Plaque appealed to me and found a spot here.

                            One of my favorite vignettes...a still life

 Madonna has found her way in amongst the beautiful grays and whites. 



            I am so thankful for such a peaceful and pretty snow day...
                                    So happy you stopped by!



Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I'm glad I stopped by too...loving all you are sharing!
I don't know about you but I've had enough snow already!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Just delicious! Inside and out!

Positively Orphaned said...

I adore the cabinet, always have. I can imagine all those little galoshes in there! You always have a project going and the blue background in the cabinet sounds like a great one.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Roberta,
Loving my visit here, and so happy you came by for a visit, it also reminded me to visit you, it's been awhile and shame on me for not, I am going back to catch up on all that I have missed that inspires who you are and the beauty you share.

I noticed beautiful Kerrie over at Sea Cottage her Sand Dollar Art Framed in the most perfectly Imperfect chippy old frame looking just divine right where it is. You inspired me to perhaps place my somewhere in the cabinet of mine filled also with ironstone ware.

Thank you for taking the time to share your grace and beauty over at my place.

Lots of inspiration to you with the week to follow.


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Oh my goodness I have been missing all your posts. Somehow you are not showing up in my feed! I just happen to see you in Cottage and Cabins feed so here I am...and to my surprise you have my Sanddollar in one of your photos!!! I just LOVE that frame. Oh how I wish I had one. Would you mind if I used your photo on my etsy for my listing of the Pacifica Sanddollar? I will note that it is yours. Now I need to re-list you to my blog feed so that I do not miss another post. Your ironstone is soooooo pretty. What store is BBB? and I did not order Feb. issue of JDL...I am going to wait for March. xxo

kerrie of sea cottage said...

I want to see it with the Madonna inside. It really is a treasured heirloom with such sweet memories. So lovely.

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Oh my! HOW have I missed your beautiful blog? I was visiting from Cabin and Cottage and now I am following along too. Getting ready to pin so many of your beautiful images. I hope you will stop by and see my winter post too!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

I just adore your Madonna with all the rosaries draped about her. I am looking forward to the March issue of JDL, please let me know when it is available to pre-order.

I have your sanddollar photo on my Pacifica Sanddollar listing in my Etsy shop. Thank you!

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Beautiful you have such a great collection of white ironstone and your pics are pretty too

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Good morning,Roberta.
My first visit to your blog, and I'm hooked. Looking forward to following!
~ Lin

Art and Sand said...

I happened upon your blog tonight. It is lovely. I am your newest follower.