August 2, 2013

The 'Decorating with Books' Bug

Okay, so I'm late jumping on the 'decorating with books' wagon but when I was in Portland, OR recently visiting my daughter and newborn grandbaby...I stopped in at my all time favorite antique shop Justin & Burks.  As I was browsing around taking it all in....Justin let me know that the 'Loft' was open.  THE Loft....that he LIVES in!  

                  (the next time you see my will look like this!  crazy...I know.  I love it!)

Now THIS is Decorating and Living with BOOKS!!  When I was there two years ago, he had an 'Open Loft Soiree' that I was unable to attend and had been thinking about since!! 

                                   He said "the only thing Sold are the books"...

(all pics are taken from his facebook page) up I go not believing my sheer luck! Did I mention that he is drop dead gorgeous with a very kind demeanor? Well, he IS and I PROPOSED to him when I came down from the Loft!! hahah   As I carefully walked around taking it all in I thought how strange...that ALL the books were sold...did the same buyer purchase the ENTIRE collection? 
I was up there alone and felt as though I was transported to another place and time...Paris perhaps.  He is an old soul with an eye and hand for decorating that I have never experienced first hand before. 

                              And, everything in the loft was tagged for sale.... except the books.

                                           I was mesmerized with every step that I took.

After the proposal I asked him about the books.  Well, the books are the ONLY thing he cannot part with!  I get it...I understand completely.

 And now, I am on a mission.  I am obsessed with getting this look and scouring every Savers, Goodwill and Salvation Army within 50 miles! 

 And this is beginning of my collection.  I'm sticking with gray, pale lavender and sea glass with silver wording to enhance my driftwood and old bottle collection.   So far I've spent hours removing bookjackets to see the beauty of the bindings....the lettering...the title...the color... for the perfect 'look'.  Focus...gray, pale lavender and sea glass green.....a long way to go...

This is on my mantel now...My Own Cape Cod, Chesapeake, Marina, Water Baby, Summer Rental. Titles and colors I couldn't resist..focus..focus...focus.  My pinterest book board.
I'll get there....eventually.
oh, and three nymphs gardening....:))


Julie Marie said...

Oooh how fabulous dear Roberta!... hey!... why didn't you take a photo of him?... I want to see the gorgeous hunk who captured beautiful Roberta's heart?... love decorating with vintage books... I have all of mine from my childhood (yes, they are halfway to being real antiques!)... and many I inherited that were my mama's and daddy's... I love your collection you have started!... everything you touch turns into something beautiful... thanks for sharing... hope you are having a blissful Summer... xoxo Julie Marie

Blondie's Journal said...

I can imagine the time involved in removing all the jackets...but it's going to be such a beautiful display! I always had books stacked on every surface. Friends and family would come over and not talk to me, just have their noses in books! Now my kids are older and use them for coasters despite what I say!

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! :)


Ruffles and Roses said...

love the 3 kiddies gardening.......congratulations
if I see any books I will scoop them up.....I need to see what this guy looks like......hmm

JDA would look good tied up in a grey ribbon...experiment....xo L

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

I always love hearing from you, Roberta! The comment you left on my recent post made me smile and laugh, too. Same here on your post! A little eclectic mix of everything...books artfully placed, a proposal and naked babies! I feel your inspiration and mission for collecting books, books and more books! Cindy