May 19, 2012

Happiest Seaside Towns in America

Well, here we have it from Coastal Living!  The 15 Happiest Seaside towns in America and four of them are here in Massachusetts!  We'll be heading to Chatham tomorrow.  I love Chatham's beautiful Main Street shops, gorgeous coastline and white trimmed, natural shingled Cape Cod homes with hyrangeas in bloom everywhere!

Five of the 15 are in California and I am not surprised about that at all.  I've never heard of the small town of Tiburon just a ferry ride to San Francisco, but you can be sure I'll be checking it out next time I'm on the west coast visiting family. 

Hope you are having a sunny weekend.  Where is your happiest seaside town? 



{oc cottage} said...

even most californians, who live below the fault line, had never even heard of tiburon until jonny moseley put it on the map by winning olympic gold in japan...i haven't been above the line in years, but i'd love to visit there one day!

m ^..^

A Cottage Muse said...

My favorite is Plymouth Mass where I spend my summers!

Lynn said...

Oh it has been years and years since I visited Cape Cod and the beauty of MA. Funny, I think of you and your lovely cottage often. I just splurged and ordered both the May and Summer issues of Jeanne d'Arc Living. Just cannot resist the summer issues! My favorite seaside town, Cedar Key, FL, a charming tiny island community where one can easily see both the sunrise and sunset with an easy walk. Totally charming. Blessings.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

I once sailed to Tiburon and it is amazing. My favorite is not on the list...Bodega Bay Sonoma Coast! Is Newport Beach, Ca. on the list? that is my favorite in Southern Ca.