December 27, 2011

the new babe and a peaceful christmas

She is the sweetest babe and such a joy and blessing at 10 weeks.  The most wonderful Christmas present of all and visiting from Oregon with my youngest daughter and son-in-law..


 a yearly visit from Jack Frost,

   a French Champagne basket which is my favorite 2011 flea market find for only $5.00 ~

                           and a vintage ornament chandelier.

                                So much to be thankful for.

                           So many blessings in 2011.


Metal Wall Art said...

That is really a lovely Christmas celebration. Your baby is really cute.

Kelly said...

How precious~

I'm loving the vintage bulb chandie..

Happy New Year!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is the prettiest baby ever!! What a joy! And just in time for Christmas!

Blessings to you!


kathee said...

Roberta! nice to see you on my giveaway!!!!
What a gorgeous baby! Congrats girl!
Wishing you a very very happy NEW YEAR...come visit when you are in town...

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Hi Roberta! It was good to hear from you! I see lots has happened! I'm wishing you a super happy New Year!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

What a sweetie!!
Happy New Year!!

Bethany said...

Loving that chandelier! (and baby B of course).

Tutti Chic said...

What a gorgeous new grandchild roberta-congrats & happy new year! xo chris