June 11, 2011

shoot! the pink peonies were left out of the shoot!

Hello Everyone ~  I finally met sweet Fifi and had such a great day with her and Mark as they shared interesting stories about their ramblings across the USA together shooting for various magazines and Fifi's new book. 

 As Mark invited me to examine the 'captures' on the computer screen after each shot, I learned a few tricks while shadowing him!  Fifi is a living doll with her charming French accent as she humbly goes about her styling and I so enjoyed sitting and chatting with her while Mark honed in on the vignettes.

We were off to a late start as they encountered horrible weather the day before but when they arrived, it was beautiful!  Too bad we didn't start outside on the deck because as time wore on, the sun hid behind the clouds and when it began to rain, we hurriedly brought the curtains, linens and vintage wine basket with my garden peonies in to the bedroom.  And there it sat as we continued on with the day.... 

At one point Fifi was looking for something tall for the desktop as the perfect vintage wine basket with the beautiful pink peonies sat forgotten on the bedroom floor.

Of course I shot dozens of pics soon after they drove away and more again today.  Preparing for a photo shoot is hard work and as much as one prepares there is always something you would have done differently.  Oh well. What I'm looking forward to is seeing Fifi and Mark's work in print.  I know it will be fabulous and I'll have no regrets!

  Thanks so much Fifi! I enjoyed every minute of it!



deborah said...

How fun!
Love that you had such an opportunity! Have a wonderful weekend.
{the white chair}

Susan said...

How exciting Roberta! I'm sure the pics will turn out gorgeous despite missing those pretty peonies. Can't wait to see it in print and on your blog!
- Susan

Rachel Noelle said...

You are so lucky!;) I cant wait to see it in print!! Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

A Cottage Muse said...

How exciting! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see how the shoot turned out!!

Have a wonderful week!

Lynn said...

This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see the print edition. Refresh me again, for the magazine or Fifi's second book? Yes, the peonies are stunning and what a shame, but thank you for sharing them with us. Congratulations! You know every day I think about your, lol. Back in Jan 2006 my hubby called one morning, I think it was either 25th or 26th and order the petite chandler from your shop. We were moving from our townhouse to a "cottage" on the 26the and I had just seen it that morning on you website for the shop. It was and is perfect, as I knew it would be in my kitchen. I really have to send you a pic or do a post on my blog and send you the link one of these days. I so love that chandy and it always makes me smile and yup I think of you. The funnier part is everyone thinks I am "TerryLynn" as I am Lynn but I used my hubby, Terry's paypal account when I order things on line...somehow the name TerryLynn stuck, lol. Fine with me, we go together. Have a blessed week.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

How thrilling!
Oh, the pink peonies were just hiding so they could be the star of this posting!
They are beautiful!!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Dear Roberta,
I'm so happy for you! You deserve it. The first time I met you was through Romantic Homes Magazine. I used to lived in Cape Cod, so I did visit your store once; now I'm living so far, but glad to find your beautiful creations once again, this time, through the internet. As always, a pleasure to visit you.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh my, Roberta! I left you an email with a couple of pics of my mantel, then I came to your blog. Love your pink peonies and darn it that they didn't make it in your photo shoot with Fifi. What a small world it is...Fifi is coming to our home next week for a photo shoot! So excited, but lots to do. Any tips? Would love to hear from you!

chezjolly said...

That is so exciting! :) Love these beautiful flowers, peonies are some of our fav's!
-Jessica & Holly