January 21, 2011

Red Chair Antiques & The Red Pitcher

Last week, Carol and I received our post cards from Red Chair Antiques announcing their move to Hudson, NY.   We were restless as we planned for the three hour drive up to New Hampshire last Friday hoping to come away with a few treasures.   It's a trek we've taken a few times since discovering Josie's place a couple of years ago.  French grain sacks, monogrammed sheets, cafe a lait bowls, ironstone, Swedish furnishings....

You've probably seen her home and shop in a recent magazine.  She's been featured in a few of them.
She's a sweetheart!  Josie will be open until the end of January, so there's still a little time to score a treasure or two. Give her a shout and wish her luck!

I walked away with this beautiful enamel body pitcher that was hidden.  I almost missed it and luckily spotted it on my third pass around the shop. 

Now I'm not one for red, but it seems as though this color has been sneaking up on me lately.   This one stole my heart and has added a little color to my otherwise white and gray abode.  I may even add a little more of it soon with some red striped dish towels used as napkins for a table setting.

Josie sent us on our way with a hug and a set of petite lavender sachets as a thank you.

What color has snuck up on you lately?


Claudia said...

Well, if they are moving to Hudson, they are much closer to me now! I'll have to visit them in their new location. Love the pitcher.


Blondie's Journal said...

If I were to go to this shop I would be in heaven! The enamel pitcher is neat...I have newer one and I toyed with leaving it outside for the cold winter to rust it up a bit! lol! So glad you had a good time!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Roberta, love your pitcher!... my kitchen is red and yellow so you can send it to me when you get tired of it... tee hee hee!... I love the look of red in a country~farmhouse cottage style... I think you should leave it just as it is... that shop looks fabulous!... I want one of everything!... xoxo Julie Marie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Do you known Roberta.. that is exactly how I like red.. simple and mixed with white.. or soft grey/antique whites...

Josie's shop looks fabulous.. wish I could visit... perhaps a ??? 17hr plane trip.. hhahaha

Have fun with the photography class.. I so want to do that also.. but my brother is a professional photographer and I keep thinking he will teach me,... nope!!!.. haha ciao ciao xxx Julie

Passionate for White said...

Love your new enamel pitcher with just the right amount of the perfect red!!

kathee said...

Hi Roberta...any color French enamelware is my FAV! That shop looks like a great place to visit..wished I lived closer. Love the pics of your kitchen nook.
Have a great weekend, xokathee

Bohemian said...

Oh, I would shop like crazy in a place like this! *swooning* Love your French Body Pitcher score!!! They are so difficult to find around here though I have managed to nab a few for my collection over the years.

The color that has been sneaking up on me lately... I would have to say Black... usually don't intentionally gravitate towards that darkness, but have found some amazing pieces lately with Black as the primary color... and since I'm not opposed to any color, why not!

Dawn... The Bohemian

A Cottage Muse said...

I never seem to venture to NH to treasure hunt. Maybe I can talk the mister into it before the end of the month!

Red is creeping in here too, but it is ok!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Love the pitcher, Roberta. How fun for you and Carol to go on a road trip together. Little bits of aqua are speaking to me lately, thinking more may make their way in come spring.

Trinidad said...

I am impressed with your sense of style and beauty.