November 13, 2010

Portuguese Farmhouse Handwoven Rug LOVE

Two days ago, this gorgeous handwoven rug was sitting at the bottom of a friend's hope chest filled with the most beautiful handmade linens.  When she got to this piece she told me that she would not use it since it wasn't her style and that she had another still in the old farmhouse in Lisbon.  Her grandparents were sheep farmers.
          I could see it in my mind as she told the story.

At that point I was so grateful when she told me that she would part with it!  I would have loved it if I found it anywhere else but to know the history of it and that it is from her family makes it even more special to me.  A connection.  A blessing.  Something that I will surely treasure.

I adore the colors in it, as if it were made just for me and it looks perfect under my new beachy coffee table. 
  ( A Restoration Hardware acquisition from their summer sale at a drastically low price!) 

A beautiful textile handwoven by a Portuguese woman possibly used as a horse blanket, a coverlet or a floor covering now sits contentedly as a rug in my beach house.  It's pieced and faded and I couldn't love it more!


NicNacManiac said... lovely and serene!
I think...wait...I know you are the lucky girl!! Happy Weekend...enjoy your rug xOxO Nerina

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh Roberta, yes, YOU are indeed the lucky lady! How beautiful it is, and how precious your friend gave it to you... oooh the memories it must hold and the stories it could tell... perhaps when you are sitting in your pretty living room, sipping a glass of wine, and enjoying your pretty little vignettes on your fabulous new beach table, "someone" will tell you some of those stories from the past... you know me and my beliefs about these things... xoxo Julie Marie

Claudia said...

That is a treasure indeed, especially since you know the story behind it. It looks lovely in your home. But then again - your home always looks lovely.


Elyse said...

you have great style, roberta. and i am loving the pillow on the couch, too!


Bethany said...

The coffee table is fabulous, too! I recognize that vase from our travels, but can't recall where.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It looks wonderful and such a story it tells. You are the lucky one!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a beautiful looks right at home with your beachy decor. Love the coffee table, love everything!!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Beautiful, love it and all that dreamy driftwood! Happy week, Roberta.

chandelier magic said...

Hi again Roberta -
So sorry, couldn't find where to email you so could you try emailing me again - thanks. Also, while scrolling way down I see I just missed you on your trip to So Cal. I sell at the Rose Bowl - next time you visit we'll def hook up there -

chandelier magic said...

Hi Roberta -
Thanks for stopping by - I would so appreciate it if you could email me one more time so I can reply and give you my address.

I am so anxious and excited for my prize I can barely stand it.

This is my first win! Thanks you again so much. I think you've inspired me to do a giveaway -


Drawn to The Sea said...

The light fills that room so beautifully... the whole scene is so tranquil. How lovely it must be to sit there & daydream.